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While the whole world was affected with the recent global recession. The Internet and ecommerce were ‘exploding’ reaching record highs. Online businesses skyrocketed with the most attractive and lucrative ones having virtual products that can be downloaded instantly and attract a global market immediately!

Imagine if you had a system completely automated that allowed you to instantly tap into to this crazy trend and make unlimited money from DAY ONE!!

Smart people have Multiple Income Streams

In today’s world smart people are diversifying and creating multiple streams of income as there is no security in any industry today.
This has seen direct selling companies boom in the last few years.
The problem is… most people join for a while and drop out !!
Why is that ?
Its because there are too many requirements and hoops to jump through and people get tired of recruiting all the time.

Something 'New' with a difference...

Imagine if you could participate as a pioneer in an 'Earn as you Learn' program, NOT another MLM deal... Meaning there is no PV,CV or BV requirements, No breakaways, No points flushing, No legs to balance, No monthly autoship or fees, and No cap on your commissions, but could generate you a Massive income...  
How good would that be ?

YOU have that chance TODAY.

People want to make FAST money!!!

In today’s fast paced world everything is instant and people are
getting used to having everything NOW! No one wants to wait.
We have Instant uploads/downloads, Instant connectivity, Instant food and the list goes on... So why not INSTANT CASH!!

When this system was created it was specifically designed to put
money in people’s pockets INSTANTLY and that’s why people will
flock to come in and participate in this amazing program.


Who is Pete Shuttleworth?

Pete is a very successful Business owner and Entrepreneur with 20 years experience in Direct Sales becoming No. 1 Marketing Executive in Australasia. He has been recognized with numerous awards for his leadership skills.

He relocated to Singapore 8 years ago as Marketing Manager for a new Direct Sales company in Asia.
He is currently CEO of an innovative software company in Singapore and has worked extensively throughout Asia.

He is very experienced, motivated and has a passion for helping people with desire Win.

How much money do YOU want and how FAST do you want it?

Now you can get started with $1,400 or as little as $350

A Singapore real estate agent joined our Earn as you Learn program, investing $1,400 and within 2 days had cycled and collected his first $5,600… He took his cash out and re-invested to do it all over again.

After trying and testing different strategies, I have developed a proven system that Guarantees you a return of $5,600 per week. After applying exactly that same method I will teach you, I made $44,800 in my first month and $78,400 in my second month.

LAST WEEK we helped 14 New people qualify for their First $5,600… Will You Be Next?
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We are now launching in Singapore and the rest of the world and are in need of Powerful testimonies. We have this amazing offer for the month of August Only !

Cycle and collect your first $5,600 Cash in your first week as so many other have already done, and we will give you an Additional lifetime membership worth $1,400 Absolutely FREE so you can Double Your Cash over and over again.

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  • You can have that Unfair Advantage and be among the First In Singapore to get positioned to claim YOUR share of the market before this program is launched into the rest of the World.
  • You can get your Entire Investment back in less than ONE DAY!!
  • You can Easily generate a Profit of $5,600+ in your FIRST WEEK!!
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who took advantage as it launched in Singapore less than 1 month ago are making $11,200 per Week!

And We're Only Getting Started...

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When and Where:
1 hour sessions daily from:
Sat 2nd Janurary, till Sat 16th Janurary,
Venue: 16 Arumugam Road, Lion Building, Singapore 409961
Time: By Appointment Only

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